Data Acquisition (DAQ)

DAQ series are used in multiple industrial data acquisition field.Advantech provide DAQ card, DAQ I/O products and Machine Condition Monitoring software can be used in various Industrial PC chassis, such as PCI DAQ cards, PCIE DAQ cards, USB DAQ, USB Oscilloscope, WebAccess/MCM providing reliable and cost-saving industrial solutions to build a DAQ systems.

  • DAQNavi

    DAQNavi is software package used to enable edge intelligence for your DAQ device.

  • Modular DAQ System

    The iDAQ series is a modular data acquisition system with chassis and I/O modules.

  • DAQ-embedded Computer/Module

    MIC-1800 series and WISE-750 are all-in-one solutions with built-in DAQ and computing capability for user to easily and quickly deploy the DAQ system.

  • DAQ Cards

    DAQ cards include PCI DAQ and PCIe DAQ featuring multifunction I/O selection such as analog I/O to help meet all DAQ needs. PCI DAQ cards and PCIe DAQ cards are high-speed and quality yet cost-saving products to improve DAQ process. >> Check Advantech DAQNavi Support List

  • USB Modules

    The USB DAQ series include various USB I/O modules supporting multifunction industrial USB. The USB DAQ modules design enables easy and efficient installation without removing computer chassis. >> Check Advantech DAQNavi Support List

  • PC-104/PCI-104 DAQ & Communication Cards

    PC/104 Single Board Computer modules include embedded DAQ, PC/104 DAQ and various PC 104 add-on peripheral modules. As an PC 104 stackable solution leader, we offer a wide range of computing capacities ideal for space limited applications.

  • ISA DAQ Cards

    ISA DAQ card provide multifunction I/O expansion and high-speed and quality yet cost saving support. The ISA DAQ cards with plug-in I/O module also meet both positioning control and velocity control.

  • Signal Conditioning Modules and Terminal Boards

    The Signal conditioning modules are cost-saving, isolation-based signal conditioners and field configurable capability. The signal conditioning modules are easily installed and help protect your instrument.Isolated Digital I/O terminals boards and I/O wiring board offer isolated input channels which makes it ideal for industrial applications. The I/O terminals are also high-voltage protection. >> Check Advantech DAQNavi S

  • GPIB

    Advantech GPIB cards are compatible with IEEE 488.2 standard. The GPIB cards, based on PCI-bus cards with GPIB modules, allows users access and control instrument easily.

  • iDoor Module(Mini PCIe)

    The PCM-2600 series are categorized as communication modules from Advantech iDoor Technology. They are all compatible with the PCI Express® Mini Card Specification Revision 1.2. including Isolated / Non-Isolated RS-232/422/485 communication cards for automation control. This is a flexible design that enables customers to customize their features which meet iDoor Technology.

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