Embedded PCs

Advantech Embedded PCs (EPC) are a full range enclosures systems designed for Mini-ITX motherboards and 3.5" single board computers, featuring optimized mechanical design and flexible I/O interface options, assuring maximized flexibility for design in efficiency.

  • EPC-S Series

    EPC-S Series are slim and fanless system designed for embedded single board computers.

  • EPC-C Series

    EPC-C Series are compact embedded computers with standard chassis and compact solution, which the Series are designed for high-end 3.5” MIO-Compact or 3.5” single board computers with edge AI.

  • EPC-T Series

    EPC-T Series are 1U THIN embedded PCs designed for low profile Mini-ITX motherboards.

  • EPC-B Series

    EPC-B Series are scalable embedded PC with PCIe card and intel processor for Mini-ITX motherboards.

  • EPC-R Series

    EPC-R Series are Arm-base embedded PC designed for 3.5” motherboards

  • EPC-U Series

    EPC-U series are palm-size fanless embedded PCs designed for AIMB-U series single board.

  • EPC-P Series

    Embedded PC designed for machine vision with rich expansion options

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