Intelligent Connectivity Software

Advantech WebAccess/NMS and WebAccess/DMP are web browser-based software packages for networking management system (NMS) and device management and provisioning (DMP).

  • WebAccess/NMS

    Advantech WebAccess/NMS is a web browser-based software package for networking management system (NMS). Advantech WebAccess/NMS is designed with SNMP and ICMP communication standards for managing all Ethernet-Enabled Advantech products and third-parties’ devices. WebAccess/NMS can bring users an easy-to-use platform to monitor and manage networking remotely. WebAccess/NMS enables industrial grade centralized networking management. A synthetic platform developed for monitoring, setting and maintaining devices via IP-based network. WebAccess/NMS includes Device Management, Alarm Management, Efficiency Management, Topology Management and System Management

  • WebAccess/VPN

    Management solution for safe interconnection of Advantech cellular routers and LAN networks in public Internet. The connection among devices and networks can be regional or global and can combine different technology platforms and various wireless, LTE, fixed and satellite connectivities.

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