Modular DAQ System

The iDAQ series is a modular data acquisition system with chassis and I/O modules.

  • iDAQ-731

    16-ch Isolated DI, 16-ch Isolated DO iDAQ Module

  • iDAQ-751

    48-ch TTL DI/O iDAQ Module

  • iDAQ-763D

    16-ch SSR Output iDAQ Module

  • iDAQ-801

    256kS/s/ch, 24-bit, 4-ch DSA iDAQ Module

  • iDAQ-817

    200kS/s, 16-bit, 8-ch Analog Input iDAQ Module

  • iDAQ-821

    10kS/s, 16-bit, 4-ch Analog Output iDAQ Module

  • iDAQ-841

    8-ch, 16-bit, 1MS/s/ch Analog Input iDAQ Module

  • iDAQ-934

    4-Slot USB 3.0 iDAQ Chassis

  • iDAQ-964

    4-slot Industrial DAQ Chassis Module for AMAX-5000

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