USC Series Peripherals

USC systems can be equipped with peripherals such as a barcode scanner, RFID reader, VFD, thermal printer, or iButton module according to usage needs.

  • Human Thermal Sensor

    One by one human detection sensor

  • Kangaroo

    Kangaroos have large powerful hind legs and secure pouches for joeys. Echoing its name, Advantech’s Kangaroo stand is a strong stable solution that supports detachable displays and peripherals.

  • UPOS-M10G

    10" Secondary Display for UPOS Series

  • UPOS-M15

    M15 monitor is designed to fit your point of sale system need. Monitor mounted borderless touch panel allow you to finger touch operating the system. Sleek and thin design provide a modern looking. M15 be able to mount through the standard VESA holes on pole, arm or wall mount. Desktop stand option is also available. Display back reserved hatched to mount the optional perepherals.

  • UPOS-P01

    VFD, rear mount for UPOS-211

  • UPOS-P03

    2-in-1 MSR (with RFID or FIngerprint or Smart Card or iButton) for UPOS Series

  • UPOS-P05

    1D/2D Barcode Scanner

  • USC-M3

    The USC-M3 touch monitor of Avalo family, 11.6” compact, 12mm ultra-slim, offers fluent user experience with P-CAP touchscreen and outstanding viewing experience with 16:9 screen. The system owns IP65-rated front panel for water and dust resistance, and support panel mount, wall mount, VESA mount for various circumstances. USC-M3 features embedded camera(optional) and RFID(optional) design, and can be combined with dual hinge stand, Avalo stand and box PC to fit your mini POS application and POS system’s second displayas, also supports rich peripherals such iButton, scanner, and slim MSR.

  • USC-M6

    The USC-M6 touch monitor of Avalo family is designed to fit your mini POS application with box PC and POS system’s second display. Monitor mounted bezel-free touch panel allow to finger touch operating the system. The looking of USC-M6 is stylish, neat and slim to fulfill modern model requested.

  • USC-P01-B110

    VFD, rear mount for UPOS-211

  • USC-P03

    AVALO Family Peripherals

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